UrVenue Shortcode

  • Urvenue shortcode are available to show some integrations of urvenue in a simple and fast way.

  • The list of urvenue shortcodes are:

[urvenue_calendar] : A calendar with venue events. When you click on an event will open a page called event.

[urvenue_event] : You need to have a page called event so the calendar does not mark error and you add this urvenue shortcode.

[urvenue_reservation] : You can add a reservation_id to specify what type of reservation will be generated with this form. Example:

  • Bottle Service [urvenue_reservation id="704283900"]
  • Guest List [urvenue_reservation id="704283898"]

[urvenue_event_slider] : A slider with upcoming events.

[urvenue_photo_gallery id=“{galleryid}”] : If you have photo galleries in your venue, you can use this urvenue shortcode. For this you need the galery_id you get from your urvenue account. Example: [urvenue_photo_gallery id="704287229"]

  • Note: Urvenue shortcodes can be added on any page and there may be more than one on the same page.