Printing Reservations

Print Reservation List

On Day Options dropdown menu, you can find the option to Print your day reservation list.

After you click on New Print Reservations, a new window will open with the Printing Parameters, which you can configure to get your day reservation list:

  1. Print Type: This option allows you to choose the way you want to see the list that is generated for your reservation types.
  2. Order By: Here you can select how you want the list to be arranged.
  3. Department: This is useful if you want to print separate lists filtered by your defined departments: hosts, promoters, management, etc.
  4. Owner: Like the Department filter, this would generate separate lists per Reservation Owner, you would be able to pull a list for every staff member that has input reservations.
  5. Checkbox options:
    Show Events: To display the Event's name and description on the generated list
    Numbered Lines
    *Export/Print Template: If you select this option and click on Generate List, your reservation list will be downloaded to your computer with the chosen parameters in an excel file.
  6. Add Template: Entering a name and clicking on the + sign will generate a template with the chosen parameters.
  7. Select Print Template: Every template you add will be listed below this option, and the reservation list will display with the saved parameters after you click on the Template name.
  8. Generate List: Displays the reservation list with the selected parameters.