Managing Drivers

You can have vehicles, assign drivers to those and the clients can have a ride at a certain hour.

On this demo, we will show you how to:

  1. Add vehicles,
  2. Manage Drivers
  3. Assign Drivers to vehicles
  4. Assign a ride to the Reservations.

1. Add a Vehicle

  • Go to your site
  • Input your Username and Password

  • Select Venue:
  • Click on the button “more” on the right side of the footer:

  • Click on “Vehicle” item from the menu that will appear:

  • You will see a list of vehicles, here you can:
    1. Add a Vehicle.
    2. Change an existing Vehicle’s information.
    3. Delete a Vehicle.

2. Managing Drivers

  • On the principal page of the site, click on “Users” on the left hand menu:

  • You will see a user's list, click on the pencil icon to edit a user.

  • You will see the user’s information. Below it, a checkbox will appear. When this box is checked, you can assign this user as a Driver to a reservation that requires a Ride.

3. Assigning Drivers to Vehicles

  • Click on a date on the calendar:

  • Click on Day Options and then on Assign Drivers.

  • You will see a list of vehicles where you will be able to assign a driver to each Vehicle using the “Driver” dropdown:

  • After doing this, Rides can be assigned to Reservations.

4. Assigning a Ride to Reservations:

  • Click on a date on the calendar:

  • Click on Add Party and then select the desired Reservation type.

  • You will see the Reservation form:

  • Click on car button to assign a Ride.

  • A menu will appear where you can choose Time and Driver (Time Slots must be set):

  • Click on the driver (column) you want to assign, on the time (row) the customer needs the Ride.
  • You could also select only the time for the Ride. Once set, Reservation Form should look like this: