Add a Blog Entry

  • Click on the venue you are working on.

  • Click on CMS on the left hand side.

  • Select the website you are working on:

  • Click on Blog:

  • It will take you to a new page.

  • Click on to view all the blogs.

  1. View Content.
  2. Edit Blog Title.
  3. Delete Blog.
  4. Make content visible or Not visible.
  5. Preview.
  • To add a new blog click Add Media Group.

  • Type in the title of your blog.

  • Click Next.

  • Add the image and text for your blog pressing select for each media type.

  • Select image, type in image name and save.

  • If the image was uploaded successfully you will see this after saving:

Follow the same procedure for the Article except use text instead of images.

  • Type in text.

  • To fancy edit the text click on Editor.

  • You are able to link text, bold, highlight it, number, etc.

  • When finished click Save.

  • Then click Back.

  • If the article was uploaded successfully you should see the image and article that has been added:

  • Click Back.

  • You should see your new blog along with the other ones.

The blog will not be visible until you make it visible.