• Click on CRM

  • Click on POS

You have the ability to specify the checks you would like to pull by selecting different filters such as date range, venue, amount minimum, check number or any additional information. You can be as specific as needed, however, keep in mind that the checks being pulled include a lot of information from the POS system, if your venue tracks large number of customers you might need to pull checks for only one day at a time. Also, when entering the minimum net any search under $500 is more inclined to pull walk up bar sales and not just bottle service sales.

  • Enter the information for the filters by clicking on the boxes next to the fields.
  • Click “Show”

You can easily identify the unlinked checks because they are highlighted in orange.

  • Click on “link” when you find a check you want to link.

The reservations for that day will display in new popup.

  • Click on “link” once you find the reservation you want to link the reservation to.