Set Up a Commission Report

  • Choose your Venue:

  • Choose a Date:
  1. Go to Day Options:
  2. Select Daily Reports:
  • Go to New Report:

  • This pop-up will appear:

  • Type in the name of the new report.
  • Select “No” on “Allow personal reports” so that everybody could see this report. If desired otherwise select “Yes”.

  • Click on Choose report.

  • You will be taken to this page:

  • You may select the fields for the report, in this case “Amount Minimum” will do.

  • Calculated Fields

  • Click on Add.
  • This pop-up will appear:

  • Enter the name of your calculated field.

  • Select the “Field Format” “Number” or “Currency”.
  • Select the fields which will be used for this report (in this case, since it’s a commission report I have selected “Amount Minimum”.
  • Once the fields have been chosen;

  • Click on these buttons for adjusting the commission rate. e.g.

  • To correct one digit click on BACK.

  • To clear the “Expression” box click on CLR.

  • Once finished click Save.

  • You will be taken back to this screen:

Notice, under calculated fields, your new calculated field should show.

  • Click on the grey arrow to add the calculated field to the “Selected Fields”(shown above).
  • Will show like this:

  • After adding the fields needed and wanted on the report, click on Save.