Add an Event


Uploading Event to Website

  • Click on the left hand tab that says "Venue"

You will see all the configured venues for your account.

  • Click on to the venue you will be focusing on.
  1. Select "Events"
  2. Click "Add Event"

    1. Choose a date for the event.
    2. Add a name for the event.
    3. Input the event description.
    4. Private description are internal instructions/notes for staff.
    5. Select a start time for the event.
    6. Select an end time for the event.
    7. This feature gives you the option to create the event but not to publish it immediately, it allows you to publish it at a later date on your website.
    8. This feature allows you to make the event private.
    9. This allows inquiries option is for public events.
    10. The type feature gives you the option to choose what type of event it is (concert, festival, daylife, nightlife).
    11. Priority: Select “High”. This will make the event appear in the carousel on home page.
    12. If you have the ticket URL, paste it here.
    13. If you have a video for this event you can paste the URL here.

  • Click "Save"
  1. Choose an image for your event.
  2. Delete the images that you don't want to use.
  3. Upload the selected image.
  4. This feature allows you to see the image in its original size.
  5. The image type will vary according to the number and dimension of the images added.
  6. It allows you to select the best position for your image, depending on the image type.
  • When your event is finished, don't forget to save your work.