Checking In Guestlist

  • Select the venue you will be working on.

You will see the Calendar View:

  • Select a Date by clicking on the middle of the square:

  • This will take you to the Day View:

  • Click on the “Check In” tab located at the bottom of the screen:

  • Now you will see a blank screen with a search box at the top of the screen.

A) Is to show all of the requests for that date.

B) Is to scan tickets.

C) Is to search for a guest.

D) Is to search when

E) Is to sort by letter.

F) Is a filter.

  • Next enter the guests name in Search by Name (C).
  • Click Search (D).
  • Click Checkin.

  • You will see a box appear with different Entry types and the numbers +1, +5, +10, in three sets of numbers:

  • Pink: is for female.
  • Blue: is for male.
  • Green: is for neutral / genderless.

  • Click on the number of guests you are checking in based on their gender: +1, +5, +10.

For example: If you click Pink: +1 you are checking in 1 female. If you click Blue: +5 you are checking in 5 Males.

  • Once you have finished checking in the guests, you can see the Total and compare them with the Planned Quantity.

  • Next click on the Check in button on the bottom horizontal row.

  • If you are using a printer, click on the Printing OFF button on the top right side of the screen.

  • Next a menu will appear so you can choose your printer.

  • After you choose your printer click Close.

  • You will have to type the name of the party in the search box followed by Search to view that party.

  • You can also click on the Show all button to view all the reservations:

  • Click Checkin.

  • If the party is complete click Check All to check in the whole party.

  • If the party is different, you can check in the party by specifying gender or entry type.

  • Pink: is for female.
  • Blue: is for male.
  • Green: is for neutral / genderless.

  • Finally click Search to keep the changes.