Using Counter

  • Select the name of the Venue that you are going to be working on.

  • Click on the day in the calendar that you would like to use counter.

  • Click on the button “Counter”

  • If you are using a printer, click on the Printing off button on the top right side of the screen –otherwise, skip this step.

  • A menu will appear so you can choose your printer:

  • After choosing your printer click Close button.

  • Choose the owner (the person entering the information).

  • To enter someone in the system simply click on the button under the Entry Type.

    • If it is a female click on the pink button.
    • If it is a male click on the blue button.
    • If it is neutral click on the green button.
  • The buttons on the very top are for single individuals. If it is five females click on the pink “x5” button. If it is ten males click on the blue “x10” button.