To access the Seating Map please use the following instructions.

  • Click on the day you will be focusing on in the calendar.

  • Click on the Map button on the bottom menu.
  • This is the General seating map view.

  • The map can have layouts for different days, different events, etc. This layout can be changed on the top Layout button, when you click on this button it will show all layouts available.

  • Depending on the layout,the layouts can have different perspectives of the venue. On top part of the map you can select the different perspectives.

These are two examples of perspectives.

How to seat reservations directly from the map view.

  • In this view, you see all reservations for the date selected.

1) All and Min. Click on All to view all reservations for that day. Click on Min to show all reservations with a minimum spend amount from lowest to highest, click again to show all reservations from highest to lowest.

2) Add. Add new reservation.

3) Filters. You can search a reservation by name, owner or status of reservation.

4) Click on a reservation to Edit or Seat the people on their table.

1) Select one reservation.

2) On the map, it will show the tables available.

3) Select an available table. This table will change to the color blue.

4) Click on Seated.

5) On the map, the table will change to the color red. Now the table is unavailable and seated.

On the map, you can see the table and the reservation with the same color, depending on whether it’s seated, left, approved, etc.

6) If you click on any reservation with an assigned table, the table will change to blue.

7) After the guests are gone, the table should become available again. Click on the reservation and then on the “Left” button, without deselecting the table.

Table must be selected at all times even when the party is unseated, otherwise, table information for this party will not be saved.