UrVenue Desktop Chit Printer App

To start using the chit printer app for desktop we would need to install our UrVenue Desktop App, please use the following Hyperlink to download the app and follow the installation process:

Download UrVenue Desktop App

Once you have downloaded the UrVenue App, please click on the installer, you should see a pop up with 3 options, please double click on Libraries required.

You will receive a pop up with a notification regarding the installer for Java, please click on open.

Please follow the instructions for the installer:

After installing and closing the Java installer, please drag the UrVenue App Icon and drop it in the Applications folder, with this you have successfully installed the UrVenue Desktop App.

We will also need the Epson TM-T88V installed on the Mac or PC that will be used to seat the reservations. To do so most Epson TM-T88V when connected for the first time on a computer the system will start to make the installation process, basically you have to follow the application installer instructions, but if for some reason this does not happen, please use the following URL to Downlaoad and install de Epson TM-T88V drivers necessary to successfully install the printer.

Epson TM-T88V Drivers

It opens predetermined for the Windows 7 32-bit drivers, we have to click on the operating system dropdown option to select the one the computer uses.

The online dropdown may detect what operating sytem you are using to make this easier as shown in the screenshot.

After you have chosen the correct Operating system, click on Driver, then click on download, be sure that you have the Epson TM-T88V printer connected and turned on at this point, follow the instalation steps and complete the process.

To access the Seating Map please use the following instructions.

Log in with the UrVenue App with your normal user log in credentials

Once logged in you can click on the Hide profiles tab on the top left hand side if you'd prefer, then choose the venue you will be seating the customer with, choose the day of your event, once on the day view click on the "Map" tab on the footer.

On this screen on the top right hand corner you will see the option "App Print Off", please click on it.

You will then see a pop-up window for this option, select enable.

Then click on the green tab called select printer, here you will choose the previously installed Epson TM-T88V.

Then click on close.

Then simply click on the red squared to seat the customer, with this your chits will have printed automatically.