UrVenue Mobile Printer

Connecting the ZEBRA iMZ220 Mobile Printer.

  • The Mobile printer (iMZ220) needs to be turned on, with your Ipad you need to go to settings, turn the bluetooth on and look for the mobile printer on the other devices section.

  • Connect the device in this case the mobile printer (iMZ220) is named XXXXJ153200802, it should show as connected like the image bellow.

  • Afterwords you log in with your user on the Ipad through the UrVenue App.

  • Once logged in choose the venue you will be seating the customer with.
    • Choose the day of your event.
    • Once on the day view click on the "Map" tab on the footer.
  • On this screen on the top right hand corner you will see the option "App Print Off", please click on it.
  • You will then see a pop-up window for this option, select enable, you should then click on the green button named "Pinter Selected".
  • Here you will select the iMZ220 printer we previously linked via bluetooth.
  • Once the printer has been selected please close the pop-up.
  • Now you will select a reservation you want to seat.
  • Please make sure a table has been selected for this reservation, you will be able to see it in blue if it has, then click on the red icon "Seated".
  • The mobile printer will automatically print the chit's for the reservation.

  • After this has been completed for the first reservation, you will only need to seat the reservations as normal.

For any questions or inquires please contact our 24/7 customer support phone number (702) 605-4000.


  • The Mobile app is only available for Ipad at the moment.