Independent Host

  • To add an independent Host, click on the users option on the left hand side, and the user list will appear.

  • Click on the button "Add User".

  • You will see the same windown as the Add Users window:

  • Access Group: choose an Access Group from the list for this user.
  • Department: choose a Department from the list for this user.
  • Handle: this is the User Name this user will type to log into the System. It is recommended to type firstname.lastname; this name can ONLY have alphanumeric characters and a dot (.).
  • Employee Number: type the number of this Employee here.
  • First Name: type this User’s First Name here.
  • Last Name: type User’s Last Name here.
  • Email: type User’s Email Address here.
  • Phone Number: type User’s Phone Number here.
  • Password: type the Password this User will type to log into the System.
  • Re-Type Password: type again the same Password you did on last step. This is necessary to make sure you typed exactly what you wanted since Password won’t show (all you will see are dots).

If you need further information on adding new users click here

In order to make an Independent Host, you have to type in the blank space next to Job: "Independent Host" or you can look for Independent Host in the drop down list and select it.

Once you finish filling all the blanks, you can click on Save:

  • You will see the User you added scrolling on the list to the Department assigned: