Once in UrVenue, only if the Access Groups gives you permission to view users, you will be able to see this feature.

The microsites are websites created for each user. The websites are private and the reservations booked through them will have the user's name as "Booked By". These microsites have the calendar and the events from venue. Each user (promoters, for example) can distribute his own microsites among his clients and get comissioned for them.


For the example, we will use to Jane Doe, with the microsite http://nestor-testor.devtest.uvtix.com. Open the url on

  • If you have more the one venue, the microsite show the venues. Then selected a venue.

  • The microsite show the calendar with the events from the venue. Select a event.

  • Read the event description and fill up the reservation form. Click on Submit to send reservation.

  • The reservations appear with booked by Nestor Tester.